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Our Lovely Ladies

Breeding The Perfect TCup Doodle

Toy Poodle


Mazy was born here at TCup and is the Fun Girl. She is 8 lbs. She is always into something, Loves playing and stalking the cat and pounces on him. She is Definably the clown of the family.

 8 lb TCup Goldendoodle



Scarlett came from a great Mini Breeder whom we got Lucky enough to buy. She is such a sweet girl and super smart. We are very excited about the future of her puppies and hope they all turn out as pretty and smart as she is. 

10 lbs 2nd Generation Mini Sheepadoodle



Reece is the most amazing mother and our beloved pet. She is 13 lbs and full of Love and Joy. She is a very kind soul and when she isn't taking care of babies, She sleeps right up against me every night. She is the best. 

 3rd Gen Mini Goldendoodle


Lilly is our newest member! I can not thank her breeder enough for allowing us to have her as she is truly special. 

6 lb TCUP Goldendoodle

will be breeding her in the Winter of 2022! 

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