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  • What determines the size between Tcup, Toy, and Miniature?

    • Weight! Here's our breakdown.​

    • TCup- Weight is Anything under 8 lbs

    • Toy- Between 8 lbs and 12 lbs​

    • Miniature- Between 12 lbs and 18 lbs

    • We don't breed anything usually over 15 lbs max

  • What does your 2-year health Guarantee cover?

    • Any Genetic disorder or disease ​

  • What is your prices so different from one puppy to the next?

    • A lot depends on Size, Color, Sex etc. Heres a Chart below to help you understand how we price things. ​


  • Do you sell to other breeders? YES! I firmly believe that we should all help each other to breed happier and healthy puppies for families. Prices for Breeding Contract puppies are $3000 on top of the Pet Price. 

  • All of our Puppies are sold already Spayed and Neutered. Once the puppy is sold, I get the puppy to my vet to have it done. Easier on you and once fully healed and the Stitches come out (10 days) They are ready for travel. 

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